Pastry :
Every morning, before the sun rises, David, co-owner, and his team are at work baking the breads in their craft shop at 835 Saint Louis Street in Gatineau.

We work following the best standard practices and the purest tradition of an artisan bakery.

Baking steps :
- Scraping
- Dough mixing
- Fermenting
- Scoring
- Rounding
- Intermediate proofing
- Shaping
- Final proof
- Slashing
- Cooking

Fine pastries :
All our products are baked on site. Only butter or cream are used. We do not use substitutes.

Wedding cake :
Show us a pattern and we will bake the wedding cake of your dream.

Viennoiseries - patries :
Start your new day by tasting our pure butter and freshly baked croissants and chocolatine (chocolate rolls).